A Beautiful Day

It is 10:37pm as I begin to write this post.  It has been a long day on the Lander University campus.  It has also been a really good day.    My Tuesday began 16 or so hours ago waking up early doing the morning show on our college radio station which is routine for me.  As General Manager of XLR, I count it a privilege to spend time with our listeners each morning helping to get people started with their days.    Our little radio station is doing quite well these days with over twenty five student disc jockeys helping to produce live programming in a variety of formats and genres.  It makes me proud to see the preparation and creativity channeled into an outlet like a campus radio station.  The Lander campus didn’t have this before October of 2009 and we have grown splendidly over the last two years.    

Today we heard from DJ’s like Diomi Gordon, Ryan Wiley with his new Beach Music show, Sports talk with Trust Lee and Miya, the Afternoon Experience with Corey Pitts, The Road Trip with Graham Shaffer, The Ben and Lucas Show, the return of the Nic Nac Nicole show and wrapping up this evening was the excellent Zero Hour with DJ Mike.    

After lunch with three of my blogging brothers in the L.U. caf, I got lots of work done this afternoon on projects and proposals.  We have great things in progress in the Lander University Department of Mass Communications and Theatre!

To end my day, I attended an advanced screening of the four student directed One Act Plays tonight in our Cultural Center green room.   One of the plays featured Breakfast Club regular Big Tuna dressed in a toga so I had to go really.   I WAS BLOWN AWAY at how good they all were.  Congratulations to the four student directors and all the actors for doing an amazing job tonight (and this was just a final dress rehearsal).  With seating only for 60, they will unfortunately have to  turn many people away over the next few days.  I recommend getting there at least an hour early if you want any chance of getting a seat for the performances.   You won’t be disappointed.

This kind of day made me proud of our students at Lander.  I am impressed with the hard work and determination that is poured into their work (not just in radio, television, and theatre).  We have incredibly talented students who are working on their nursing degrees, teacher education, science,  business, mathematics (say hi to that cute professor for me), art, music,  history, physical education studies, and many more areas of study.  I am a better person for getting to spend this brief time with our students and as I lay down tonight I am thankful for the opportunity once again.  

Good night (and let’s do it all again tomorrow)


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  1. greg says:

    Welcome back to the blogging community.

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