An Expensive Loogie

Tiger Woods has been fined somewhere between $400 and $2000 for spitting on a green in this past weekend’s Dubai Classic played in the fancy shmancy United Arab Emirates.  U.A.E. may have the world’s tallest building and the poshest indoor ski resort, sure, but if I am legally not allowed “hock a loogie” after making bogey on the 12th, I sure don’t want to play there.

Let’s give three cheers to the good ol’ USA where you can still spit, fart, scratch, unleash a good snot rocket and all the other things that make us the greatest sports venue in the world.   Amen.

Editor’s Note – I had several examples of photographic evidence for said “snot rocket” and chose not to share any of them using what might be called “better judgement”. Perhaps I am finally growing up now?


One Comment on “An Expensive Loogie”

  1. Bahahaha! Fart on your tee shot! Hence the expression…”Man, you really got your behind into that one!”.

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