Diamond Head

This is the view of Diamond Head from our beach at the Hilton Honolulu Village at Waikiki Beach.  I snapped this just before the first sunset during our visit to Hawaii for the 2011 Pro Bowl.  I was part of  a team working for the National Football League through the Laminex Family of Companies based here in Greenwood, SC.   We worked hard providing credentials for over 4500 individuals involved in the big game from Terry Bradshaw and the Goo Goo Dolls all the way down to vendors and security workers.   The experience was fantastic and I have a few more posts that will document the trip.   Tonight, I put together some footage of a trip Greg and I made on the Friday before the game to the summit of Diamond Head just south of Waikiki Beach.  You can check out the youtube video here.


One Comment on “Diamond Head”

  1. Tom Bishop says:

    Diamondhead is a beautiful site. I was nearly beaten up there by a large tattooed man who thought I was taking a picture of his girlfriend. (I wasn’t, really).

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